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Database Driven Website

Save on Time and Money

Database driven website development seeks to change how your website loads each time, depending on what someone does, the content will even change. That is why it is also called a dynamic page.


The opposite of this is a static page it will always remain the same wherever it is loaded.


A database is what allows information to be stored in a logical format. This will make managing and retrieving it easy. In case of an online related company, it is important that your database can function properly for both you and the customer.


A database driven website connects your web page to your database by programming. This way it will display different information each time the page is loaded. Depending on the actions someone does, it will automatically update itself. Reducing the time it would take to manually update the system.


A good example of this kind of website is with an online store where registered members can shop. By making purchases, this information is stored in the database and reflected on the web page. Checking the status of a shopping cart will therefore be automatic.


A database driven website can offer you great customizing capabilities. You can design and redesign your pages to suit individual users depending on the content type. All this can be done by maintaining a few pages to deliver to a number of users.


By using your database you can also make yourself more visible to search engines. You control what is in your database, as a marketing tool, you can reach a bigger audience. Making yourself to search engines will give you a higher ranking on search engines.


This kind of database is appropriate for content driven websites like blogs and forums. By having registered members, this ensures they are on the database. Whatever posts they make will be stored in the database. When someone else wants to view it, it will be retrieved from the database.

A database driven website is ideal to provide advanced search functionality. Users will be able to find results by use of given fields.


It can also provide better integration within your corporate applications like human resource systems and customer relationship systems.


Having a database driven database will ensure that you serve both your customers and employees well. Information retrieval will take the shortest time possible, saving on time. Updating your website will also not mean investing a lot of money.