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Blackberry Application Development

In 2009, the Blackberry App World was born and it was definitely phenomenal for Blackberry users and fans. Several additions were made to the world of Blackberry development with the major highlights being the Widgets, the 5.0 API library and the Open GL. Two years later, the world of Blackberry application development has grown into a huge market that supplies end users with all sorts of applications for extended functionality of the Blackberry. If you are a Blackberry user and are open to the endless possibilities of the functionalities of your Blackberry with apps, you are in the right place.


On its own, the Blackberry is a phenomenal phone with very wide capabilities. However, Blackberry application development can revolutionize this seemingly limited device to perform just about any task a computer can perform. This is the idea on which our business is built. We strive to provide you with the best and latest custom developed Blackberry applications to ensure that the usage of your Blackberry is not in any way limited.


Our Blackberry application development services are focused on all major Blackberry types such as Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Pearle, Blackberry Curve and Blackberry Bold. Our main aim is to provide you with a cost effective solution for Blackberry applications. In this regard, we have an extensive list of Blackberry application development services that we offer.


These include

  • Development of custom applications for Blackberry
  • Development of rich multimedia applications for Blackberry
  • Development of third party Blackberry porting applications
  • Development of a client/server application such as Java for Blackberry
  • Development of Blackberry games
  • Porting and Handset testing applications for Blackberry
  • Migration services from J2ME to Blackberry
  • Blackberry widget SKD development
  • Blackberry JDE development


We boast of a highly qualified team of application developers not just for Blackberry but for most smart phones and smart devices as well such as iPhone and iPad. Our developers have a wealth of experience from developing applications for a long time and they produce highly creative and tasteful apps for just about any functionality. Our Blackberry application development services are streamlined and focused on the end user requirements enabling achievement of desired goals. We strive to give you the best not only the best apps but also the best services in terms of price and support so that you can integrate our apps seamlessly into your Blackberry and be able to use them without any problems. The technical support is available 24/7 to help you all the way.